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Posted by agha wasi on June - 12 - 2011 1 Comment

here are some facts that you’ll wonder how :D

    1. a hurricane (normal 1) produces energy of about more
      Nuclear weapon test Romeo (yield 11 Mt) on Bik...

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      or less 8000 atom bombs

    2. polar bears run at a speed of 25 mph and can jump over 6 feet on the snow
    3. polar bears can’t be detected by the infra-red detector because of their transparent furs
    4. the heaviest human brain ever recorded weighed 2.3 kg
    5. the ears of the cricket are located on its front leg just above the knee
    6. the hottest planet of our solar system is venus with the max temp reaching almost 460 c on its surface
    7. hydrochloric acid would dissolve glass in it
    8. the seeds in the indian lotus are even visible for the next 3 to 400 years.
    9. the letter that do not appear or comes is the letter “J”
    10. the microwave was invented when once a researcher walked through the radar tube and found the chocolate in his jacket was melted.
    11. the super glue was also discovered during an experiment when the scientist was trying to make optical coating material ,he was testing the materials by putting it between the 2 prisms and passing light between them,when he put cyano acrylate he found that he couldn’t separate the prisms apart .


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